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What is the best Colombian and Peruvian cuisine restaurant in Tamarac, Florida?

Welcome to Freddie Restaurant, the restaurant with the most delicious Colombian and Peruvian cuisine dishes in Tamarac, Florida. We offer a wide variety of typical dishes from Colombian and Peruvian cuisine that you will love. From arepas and grilled meat, to ceviche and pisco sour, our menu is a delicious fusion of flavors.

In Colombia, cuisine is the result of the fusion of indigenous, African, and European cultures. At our Colombian restaurant in Tamarac, you can enjoy dishes such as bandeja paisa, ajiaco santafereño, and mote de queso costeño, among others. In addition, we offer the best Colombian coffees, recognized as the best in the world.

If you're looking for a Colombian restaurant in Tamarac, come and try our food. We also offer home delivery for your convenience.

In Peru, gastronomy is one of the most varied and exquisite in the world. At our Peruvian restaurant in Tamarac, you can taste dishes such as ceviche and the delicious la peruvian. Our cuisine is the result of a fusion of Spanish, African, French, Asian, and more techniques and influences.

At our Peruvian restaurant, we also offer catering services for all types of events in Tamarac, Miami, and other nearby locations.

Visit us at 8110 N University, Tamarac, FL 33321. We are the best restaurant with Colombian and Peruvian cuisine in Tamarac, Florida. We look forward to seeing you!

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